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Toyota And Lexus Won’t Show ‘Next-Gen’ Autonomous Systems Until 2020

WED, 16 AUG, 2017

Automakers around the world are battling to one-up each other with a show of technological might through autonomous systems, yet Toyota and its Lex...

Apple’s Autonomous Driving Program, Courtesy Of Video Games

MON, 24 APR, 2017

The initial details of tech giant Apple’s first foray into the realm of autonomous driving systems have emerged via public record requests su...

Tesla Begins Public Beta Trials Of 'Enhanced Autopilot' System

TUE, 3 JAN, 2017

Tesla has kept a promise of enabling its ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ function by the end of 2016 starting with a fleet 100...

Ford Next-Gen Autonomous Development Vehicle to Make CES Debut

THU, 29 DEC, 2016

With just a few days to go until the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Ford is preparing to unveil its next generation autonom...

Honda And Waymo Open Discussions On Autonomous Vehicle Partnership

FRI, 23 DEC, 2016

The first trial vehicles for Google’s Waymo self-driving vehicle trial may have come from the workshops of Fiat Chrysler, but now Honda has a...

BMW To Launch Fully Autonomous And Electric iNext by 2021

FRI, 23 DEC, 2016

Mark it down in your diaries, the day of reckoning for cars as we know it has been set for 2021.

Melbourne’s Citylink and EastLink Tollways To Begin Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Trials In 2017

WED, 21 DEC, 2016

The Victorian government has announced that, together with automakers and technology firms, it will begin testing semi-autonomous vehicle technolog...

Smile Pedestrians, That Approaching Autonomous Car Has Spotted You

MON, 19 SEP, 2016

The rush to autonomous motoring isn’t lacking in landmines for car companies, and the mingling of vehicles and pedestrians is certainly a &ls...

Tesla Autopilot Reportedly Weeks Away From Fully Autonomous Capabilities

THU, 1 SEP, 2016

As Tesla gears up to launch its Autopilot 2.0 suite of driver assistance technologies, company CEO, Elon Musk, has taken to Twitter to announce maj...

Self-Driving Taxi Trial Begins In Singapore

FRI, 26 AUG, 2016

The world’s major automakers and tech firms may be shooting for 2020 to launch their autonomous vehicle programs, but in Singapore you can ca...


2017 Nissan Serena ProPilot Preview Drive | The First Step Towards An Autonomous Future

WED, 28 DEC, 2016

By the year 2020 autonomous vehicle technology will have well and truly arrived, but before a driverless vehicle can take to the streets Nissa...


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