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Smile Pedestrians, That Approaching Autonomous Car Has Spotted You

MON, 19 SEP, 2016

The rush to autonomous motoring isn’t lacking in landmines for car companies, and the mingling of vehicles and pedestrians is certainly a &ls...

Tesla Autopilot Reportedly Weeks Away From Fully Autonomous Capabilities

THU, 1 SEP, 2016

As Tesla gears up to launch its Autopilot 2.0 suite of driver assistance technologies, company CEO, Elon Musk, has taken to Twitter to announce maj...

Self-Driving Taxi Trial Begins In Singapore

FRI, 26 AUG, 2016

The world’s major automakers and tech firms may be shooting for 2020 to launch their autonomous vehicle programs, but in Singapore you can ca...

This Isn’t Scalextric – It’s A Real Autonomous Race Car

THU, 25 AUG, 2016

The first ‘DevBot’ driverless electric RoboRace car is about to debut at the Donington Park circuit in England.

GM Delays Autonomous Systems To Deliver Driver-Centric Solutions

THU, 28 JUL, 2016

Like it or not, vehicular automation is coming, backed by some of the largest players in the automotive and technology industries.

Nissan Introduces ProPilot Autonomous Technology For Japanese Minivan

THU, 14 JUL, 2016

Nissan is set to introduce its first production vehicle featuring autonomous driving capabilities from August this year in Japan.

BMW, Intel, and Mobileye | Fully Autonomous Vehicle In Production By 2021?

MON, 4 JUL, 2016

BMW has announced its plans for the “future of mobility” in collaboration with computer chip maker Intel and autonomous software s...

BMW To Collaborate With Intel On Autonomous Technology

FRI, 1 JUL, 2016

BMW would appear to be about to join the race in developing self-driving cars.

Four Out Of Five Drivers Say No To Autonomous Cars

WED, 25 MAY, 2016

While car makers continue to roll out autonomous prototypes on show stands around the world, a recent study has shown that most drivers would prefe...

Google and Fiat Chrysler Team Up On Autonomous Research

THU, 5 MAY, 2016

While online giant Google has made a significant investment into autonomous vehicle research, automaker Fiat Chrysler is yet to do the same.



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