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Mitsubishi Fuel Economy Scandal - Eight Models Temporarily Withdrawn From Sale In Japan

THU, 1 SEP, 2016

Mitsubishi has withdrawn no less than eight models from its line-up in Japan following the carmaker’s fuel economy scandal from earlier this ...

Suzuki Fuel Economy Foibles Claims Boardroom Scalps - Including 38-Year CEO

TUE, 14 JUN, 2016

Suzuki’s declaration last month that it had manipulated fuel economy readings for some models has seen two board members resign and the remai...

Suzuki Admits To Incorrect Fuel Economy Testing Methods In Japan

THU, 19 MAY, 2016

Suzuki is the latest carmaker to come clean and admit its chosen methods for calculating official fuel economy readings have, in some instances, be...

Mitsubishi President And Vice President Announce Resignations Over Fuel Economy Scandal

THU, 19 MAY, 2016

The fallout from Mitsubishi’s admitted fuel consumption testing irregularities continues in Japan, with both the President and Vice President...

Mitsubishi Fuel Figure Saga May Affect More Models

FRI, 13 MAY, 2016

Mitsubishi’s false fuel figure debacle may yet reach further into the carmaker’s past and model range.

Mitsubishi: 25 Years Of False Fuel Figures In Japan, But No Anomalies In Recent US Tests

THU, 28 APR, 2016

Following Mitsubishi’s admission that two of its Kei cars in Japan weren’t tested for fuel consumption in accordance with Japanese...

Mitsubishi - False Fuel Consumption Claims Uncovered By Nissan

WED, 20 APR, 2016

In explosive news from Mitsubishi Japan, the carmaker has admitted to deliberately rigging fuel consumption results for a number of its own models,...

Volkswagen Executive Bonuses At Risk As A Result Of Diesel Emissions Scandal

FRI, 15 APR, 2016

Owing to the continuing emissions scandal that has gripped Volkswagen beginning in 2015, the group’s senior managers now face a potentia...

Investigation Reveals Volkswagen Only Manufacturer To Cheat Emissions Tests

FRI, 8 APR, 2016

An investigation into vehicle emissions testing, launched by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, has revealed that the Volkswagen Group w...

Volkswagen Hit With False Advertising Lawsuit Over Clean Diesel Claims In US

WED, 30 MAR, 2016

The US Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen Group Of America, claiming that Volkswagen’s ‘clean diesel&...