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2012 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Successor Spied; Ferrari Theme Park On The Way

MON, 2 NOV, 2009

THE FERRARI 612 Scaglietti is due for retirement soon, and these new spy photos show that development of its successor is under way. Going on five...

Giugiaro GG50 One-Of-A-Kind Ferrari Snapped In Monaco

FRI, 17 APR, 2009

Spotting a Ferrari in Monaco isn't the most difficult of tasks, but when you happen to stumble across a one-of-a-kind Fezza, well, that's a differ...

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Gets Fattened Up By Imola Racing

MON, 22 DEC, 2008

Ferrari’s 612 Scaglietti uber-GT is getting a bit long in the tooth these days, but German tuning mob Imola Racing have shown that the long-nose...

Carrozzeria Touring Fiddles with the Fazza

MON, 23 JUN, 2008

Remember the Maserati Bellagio Fastback Touring from last week? Well, word about town is that the company responsible for the aforementioned Quatt...

New Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Lands, With A Little Something More

WED, 11 JUN, 2008

The stylish man's Fezza—the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti—is now available in Australia and New Zulund (typo intended), with a few small but signific...

Ferrari to embark on Magic India Discovery Tour

FRI, 22 FEB, 2008

Following Ferrari’s successful expeditions through China and the Americas, proving that the legendary super car makers products can go just abou...

Ferrari at the Sydney International Motor Show

FRI, 12 OCT, 2007

Where Lamborghini had the hard edges, Ferrari kept it smooth and sensual with the 612 Scaglietti, F430 Roadster and Coupe and my personal favourit...

Redline the movie opens on Friday the 13th

SAT, 14 APR, 2007

Fittingly, Redline the movie was released in the US this month on Friday the 13th.



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