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Top Gear Franchise Changes Channel

FRI, 23 OCT, 2009

ALTHOUGH RECENT RUMOURS of Shane Warne's involvement in a new season of Top Gear Australia have been quashed, Channel Nine today confirmed that it...

Top Gear Australia Season Two, Episode Five: Viewership Nosedives

TUE, 9 JUN, 2009

WE HAD SUCH high hopes for Top Gear Australia when season two began last month, now it appears it's rapidly heading down the same path as season o...

Top Gear Australia Ratings: Has The Aussie Version Found Reverse?

TUE, 28 OCT, 2008

It was always going to be a tough gig, that's a fact.

Top Gear Australia Preview Video

SUN, 14 SEP, 2008

Top Gear Australia's Warren Brown - yep, the one with the fire truck and the dodgy moustache - has popped up online with an article and a video to...

Top Gear Aus Begins Govt Attacks Early

MON, 30 JUN, 2008

Before a single episode's even aired, Top Gear Australia—via a TV commercial for the show's accompanying magazine (I guess they figured if they'r...

Sunday Night Clarkson

SUN, 29 JUN, 2008

Those of us up-to-date with Top Gear (not those of us a year behind with the SBS-aired episodes) will know that episode 2 of season 11 will be air...

The Last Top Gear Australia Update. Promise.

THU, 5 JUN, 2008

I think we all know that, like a school kid's lunch money and the comic book shelf at the newsagents down the road from school, I'm bound to break...

Learn About Your New Top Gear Hosts

FRI, 30 MAY, 2008

Following on from yesterday's news that SBS have announced the identities of the three presenters of the Australian Top Gear series, there's now a...

SBS to produce Aussie Top Gear

MON, 19 NOV, 2007

The Herald Sun has reported today that SBS are looking to produce a “quintessentially Australian” version of BBC’s Top Gear motoring program.

SBS set to develop Australian Hot Rod themed reality TV show

TUE, 31 JUL, 2007

Carupdate can confirm that Australian TV network SBS are looking at purchasing half of a prominent Melbourne bayside workshop to commence the shoot...




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