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GM 'Switchgate': 15 Sacked As Ignition Failure Investigation Continues

FRI, 6 JUN, 2014

General Motors has told 15 employees to clear out their desks, as the fallout over the ‘Switchgate’ ignition switch scandal continues.

General Motors Receives Record US$35 Million Fine Over ‘Switchgate’

SAT, 17 MAY, 2014

General Motors has been handed a record US$35 million fine, handed down by America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) t...

GM Officially Announces Saturn Sale In Full Swing

TUE, 5 MAY, 2009

While many shed a tear for GM's Pontiac division when it was announced the almost 100 year-old badge would be retired, scarcely a whimper has been...

Saturn: GM Confirms Investor Group Interested

THU, 16 APR, 2009

An investor group known as Telesto Ventures, made up of private equity firm Black Oak Partners and a number of Saturn dealers, has made an officia...

Pontiac G8 And Solstice Unlikely To Live Past Next Five Years

FRI, 24 OCT, 2008

Despite its colourful history and recent renaissance as vendors of fine automotive muscle, the Pontiac brand may yet fall back into boresville if ...

Saturn Vue hybrid may be the first production lithium-ion plug-in

TUE, 15 JAN, 2008

Just yesterday, Toyota’s CEO Katsuaki Watanabe gave us an indication as to the future green initiative underway at Toyota and it includes the on...

GM shoehorns the LS7 into the H3 Hummer

THU, 27 DEC, 2007

The Hummer H3 is currently selling up a storm in Australia, with a waiting list that was recently stretching back six months as buyers lined up fo...

Hybrid sales rising rapidly

WED, 13 JUN, 2007

Editors note 13/06/07 - Sales of hybrids in Australia are also scaling new heights and have almost doubled in 2007 when compared to the same time l...

Pontiac G6 to use Alpha RWD architecture

TUE, 5 JUN, 2007

We have to admit that we really enjoy a good car industry rumour at CARupdate, especially when it involves Australia in some way.



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