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Volvo Aims To Be First In Autonomous Driving Systems

TUE, 18 SEP, 2012

Volvo is aiming to lead the automotive industry with mainstream application of autonomous driving systems.

Volvo's SARTRE Self-Driving System Makes Public Road Debut: Video

TUE, 29 MAY, 2012

Volvo's SARTRE technology, short for 'Safe Road Trains for the Environment', has made its first public appearance in a multi-car con...

Autonomo 2030 Concept Imagines Self-driving Car Of The Future

WED, 23 NOV, 2011

In the early ages of the computer era, even before the silicon chip, science fiction writers and futurists foresaw a world of personal jets and ...

Volvo Sees Road Trains In Europe's Future

THU, 2 JUN, 2011

Sometime between now and 2020, if Volvo is right, you'll be able to do your make-up behind the wheel without danger or fear of reproach.

SARTRE Vehicle Platooning Makes First Successful Test

WED, 19 JAN, 2011

Volvo and Ricardo UK have this week announced the first successful 'real world' demonstration of the EU-financed, collaboratively-develo...

SARTRE Project Aims To Develop Autonomous Car Technology

FRI, 23 OCT, 2009

VOLVO AND DRIVETRAIN SPECIALIST RICARDO have joined forces with three other European companies to develop and test a working system for self-drivi...



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