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Honda's Tokyo Auto Salon Stand Headlined By S2000

THU, 27 DEC, 2012

Honda has revealed details of its Tokyo Autosalon stand ahead of next month's opening day, including a fan-favourite addition: the now retir...

Fiesta S2000 Rally Car Revealed By Ford And M-Sport

THU, 19 NOV, 2009

IN ECONETIC GUISE, the Ford Fiesta is one of Australia’s most fuel-efficient cars.

Honda President Says No To Rear Wheel Drive

TUE, 21 JUL, 2009

HONDA'S NEW PRESIDENT, Takanobu Ito, said this week that the packaging and efficiency benefits of front-wheel-drive will take priority for Hon...

Z34 Nissan 370Z Pitted Against Cayman S, 135i, S2000 & 911 - Video

SUN, 22 FEB, 2009

It's the battle we've all been waiting for.

Sacrilege Or Supremely Awesome? Man Converts S2000 To All-Electric Power

FRI, 13 FEB, 2009

Thanks to rising petrol prices and a gaping hole in the automotive market where all-electric passenger vehicles should be found, many enterprising...

Last Hurrah: Honda Releases Ultimate Edition S2000

FRI, 30 JAN, 2009

As Honda's Japanese plants wind down production of the S2000 roadster, Honda Europe is gearing up to release the Ultimate Edition S2000 as a fi...

Skoda Fabia S2000 Rally Car Makes Promising Start At Monte Carlo Rally

WED, 28 JAN, 2009

Skoda is one manufacturer that we here at TMR have been keeping close tabs on.

Honda S2000 To Cease Production After 2009 MY

TUE, 27 JAN, 2009

After nearly a decade of production and a steady decline in sales, it was a foregone conclusion that Honda's much-loved S2000 would be on the chop...

Honda To Bring Tweaked S2000, Sporty Fit To Tokyo Auto Salon

THU, 8 JAN, 2009

While recent reports have effectively trashed hopes of Honda ever releasing a follow-up to the venerable S2000, the Japanese manufacturer is still...

Honda To Cancel RWD Acura, New V8 Engine, S2000, And More!

WED, 7 JAN, 2009

Honda CEO Takeo Fukui wasn't kidding when he said that Honda would renew its focus on small, fuel efficient vehicles.



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