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NSW Roads Minister Suspends Proposed Suspension Mod Regulations Indefinitely

THU, 30 JUL, 2009

THE NSW MINISTER for Roads Michael Daley has agreed to delay the introduction of proposed legislation that would have restricted suspension heig...

Formula One: 'Winner Takes All' System Back For 2010

TUE, 5 MAY, 2009

Formula One’s 2010 makeover has continued with the FIA approving the introduction of a ‘winner takes all’ system to decide the driver’s ch...

Double-Decker Diffuser Ruled Legal

THU, 16 APR, 2009

Jenson Button's World Championship aspirations have received a significant boost after the FIA's International Court of Appeal ruled the diffuser ...

Button: Teams To Start Again In Spain

TUE, 7 APR, 2009

A cloud of uncertainty continues to hover over the Formula One paddock as teams take a week off ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix. The final results ...

Hamilton Lied? He And Trulli To Again Face Stewards

THU, 2 APR, 2009

The FIA's race stewards have summoned Jarno Trulli and Lewis Hamilton to appear at an inquiry in Malaysia this evening after new evidence emerged ...