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State And Federal Governments To Consider Mandatory Emissions Standards

TUE, 30 JUN, 2009

THE RUDD GOVERNMENT and State Premiers are expected to discuss the introduction of mandatory carbon emission standards at this week's Council of A...

New Car Dealer Finance Crisis: Call for Leadership from Government

TUE, 25 NOV, 2008

As we have covered in some detail previously, many Australian new car dealers are facing their own credit crisis, with GE Money and GMAC Financial...

VACC Welcomes Defeat Of National Fuelwatch Scheme

FRI, 14 NOV, 2008

The national Fuelwatch scheme has been defeated in the Senate and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has come out in support...

Industry Doubts Over Rudd Government's $6.2 Billion Assistance Package

WED, 12 NOV, 2008

At the core of the Rudd Government's response to the Brack's Review, 'A New Car Plan For A Greener Future', is $6.2 billion&nb...

Luxury Car Tax Crashes in the Senate

THU, 4 SEP, 2008

  STOP PRESS: The Rudd Government’s proposed increase to the luxury car tax, from 25 percent to 33 percent on vehicles worth more than $57,...

VACC Considers Luxury Car Tax a Ridiculous Shambles

WED, 25 JUN, 2008

The VACC has labelled the Rudd Labor Government’s proposed Luxury Car Tax (LCT) a ridiculous shambles and we cannot help but agree. The Rudd Gov...

The Insider: Not saving the world - Part 1

WED, 18 JUN, 2008

Gee, talk about ‘all shoulders to the wheel’.

FuelWatch running out of gas for Rudd

WED, 28 MAY, 2008

Federal opposition leader has dubbed the government’s controversial FuelWatch plan as “FoolWatch” as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd hints at a po...

Rudd government to increase tax on luxury cars

MON, 12 MAY, 2008

With the Rudd administration due to handdown their first budget this Tuesday, wealthy average Australians are preparing to dodge the bullets and o...


Rudd Responds To Bracks Review: Pledges $6.2 Billion In Assistance To Australian Automotive Industry

MON, 10 NOV, 2008

The Federal Government today handed down its response to the Bracks Review of the Australian Automotive Industry at the Automotive Centre of Excell...