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Audi R8 V10 caught in the wild

THU, 15 MAY, 2008

This is one story that sounds a little hard to believe given the secrecy that usually surrounds new models but hey, stranger things have happened....

Audi to proceed with twin-turbo V10 powered RS8?

WED, 2 APR, 2008

Remember the R8 prototypes running the RS6’s twin-turbo V10 and their eagerness to burst into flames and reduce the R8 to a burning pile of twis...

Audi R8 Abt Sportline - Hit me with your ugly stick..hit me..hit me

FRI, 13 APR, 2007

I thought Japan was the land of over-the-top ridiculous looking after-market tuner kits but I was only half right.

Audi RS8 V10 - Burning up the Ring

WED, 11 APR, 2007

Hot lapping took on a whole new meaning when Audi lost one of its pre-production RS8 supercars at the Nurburgring this week.