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Victoria - Surprise New Road Rules Uncovered By RACV

WED, 19 JUL, 2017

Victoria’s RACV has trawled through more than 500 pages of road rules to uncover some hidden new or amended laws that came into effect in Vic...

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Get The Thumbs Down In Victorian Court

THU, 17 SEP, 2015

Victorian motorcycle rider Max Lichtenbaum has unsuccessfully challenged a fine handed to him by police for using a camera attached to his hel...

Vic: Mobile Phone Fines, Bus Lane Use Among Proposed Cycling Rule Changes

FRI, 26 JUN, 2015

Cyclists in Victoria could face a raft of new rules and regulations following the preliminary findings in a report handed down this week.

Victoria: Minimum Cyclist Passing Distances Proposed, RACV Opposed

FRI, 20 MAR, 2015

Victoria is again considering legislation that would mandate a ‘minimum passing distance’ for cyclists, as the new state government ent...

Queensland: Lane Filtering For Motorcycles Legal From February

FRI, 9 JAN, 2015

The Queensland Government has raised some eyebrows in the motorcycling community by announcing lane filtering will become legal from next month.

Trucks Should Be Banned From Right Hand Lanes: RACV

SAT, 29 NOV, 2014

Victoria’s RACV has used this weekend’s state election to call for a ban on trucks using the right hand lane on major freeways.

NSW: Non-compliant Bull Bars Given Two-Year's Grace

THU, 28 AUG, 2014

Bull-bars that fail to meet safety standards have been given a two-year grace period by the New South Wales Government.

Self-Driving Cars To Hit Public UK Roads From 2015

THU, 31 JUL, 2014

The UK has become the latest jurisdiction to allow self-driving cars to operated on public streets, with plans for a government-funded trial reveal...

NSW: Motorcycle Lane Filtering Laws Now In Force: Video

WED, 2 JUL, 2014

July 1 marked the beginning of new motorcycle lane filtering laws in New South Wales, following a trial run last year.

Perth Considering ‘Left Turn On Red’ Trial

MON, 28 APR, 2014

Perth motorists may soon have the option to make a left turn on a red light in a new trial under consideration by Western Australian traffic a...



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