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Rinspeed Unveils Autonomous Urban Runabout

Swiss specialist Rinspeed says it’s about time we called an end to full-size SUVs for the daily drive in urban areas and has unveiled its Oas...

Rinspeed Etos Concept Set For 2016 CES Unveiling - Has Its Own Drone

Swiss carmaker Rinspeed is persisting with its focus on self-driving cars as it prepares to debut its latest concept at the 2016 Consumer Electroni...

Rinspeed Unveils BMW i3-based Budii Autonomous EV Concept

Swiss tuning house Rinspeed has unveiled its latest concept today, ahead of an official reveal at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.  As...

Rinspeed Teases Self-Driving Budii Concept For Geneva

Rinspeed, the Swiss tuning and styling house famous for its outside-the-box thinking, will soon reveal a second new self-driving concept.

Rinspeed Reveals Autonomous XchangE Concept For Geneva Motor Show

Rinspeed has unveiled its annual concept for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, this time in the form of the all-electric ‘XchangE’.

Tuesday Twist: Rinspeed Micromax

Rinspeed boss Frank Rinderknecht, purveyor of wacky and weird, has unveiled his company's 2013 Geneva Motor Show concept, the Micromax.

Rinspeed Reveals Dock+Go Trailer

Rinspeed's Dock + Go system isn't a new iPod-charging accessory, but you can probably plug your favourite gadgets into it. Creative ...

Rinspeed Dock+Go Makes A Ute Out Of The Smart ForTwo

They don't come any quirkier than Switzerland's Rinspeed.

Rinspeed E2: A Fiat 500 For The City Dweller That Lives For The Track

Like most auto enthusiasts, we love Rinspeed.  But let’s face it, they’re all bat-shit insane.

Rinspeed iChange Concept To Appear At Geneva Motor Show

The last time we talked about a Rinspeed project, the crazy Swiss geniuses had created the Rinspeed sQuba, a regular looking car that doubled as...

2008 Rinspeed sQuba underwater car video

A little weird and wacky and one wonders exactly what the point is but then Rinspeed are not known for their subtlety or for their creations havin...

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2017 Rinspeed Oasis Concept

2017 Rinspeed Oasis Concept POSTED WED, 7 DEC, 2016