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Honda Creates New ‘Mobility And Autonomy’ R&D Division

WED, 1 MAR, 2017

Honda’s research and development program is set to be restructured and is headlined by a new R&D division tasked with exploring the areas...

Toyota And Suzuki Join Forces With New R&D Partnership

MON, 17 OCT, 2016

Toyota and Suzuki have announced an R&D partnership focusing on environmental, safety and IT technology.

Lamborghini Developing World-First Carbon Conrod Engine

WED, 6 JUL, 2016

In the exotic world of high-end supercars, carbon-fibre and carbon composite construction is nothing new.  While body panels and chassis el...

Four Out Of Five Drivers Say No To Autonomous Cars

WED, 25 MAY, 2016

While car makers continue to roll out autonomous prototypes on show stands around the world, a recent study has shown that most drivers would prefe...

Ford’s Lara Proving Ground Turns 50; Now Key To Ford Australia’s $2billion R&D Investment

WED, 9 DEC, 2015

Ford Australia’s 930 hectare You Yangs Proving Ground, is having a birthday, it turns 50 this week.  To celebrate the occasion, Ford ...

Victorian Motorists Leading In Not Speeding: TAC

MON, 15 JUN, 2015

A new study has found that Victorian motorists, whether by common sense or a healthy fear of the state’s expansive safety-camera network, are...

Fuel Prices And Better Habits Cutting National Motoring Spend: Survey

FRI, 5 JUN, 2015

A new survey of 2000 road users has found that while the collective national annual spend on motoring has reached $73 billion, the cost of mot...

Pot Doesn’t Kill Motorists, Dopes Kill Motorists: US Government Study

WED, 11 FEB, 2015

A new study undertaken by the United States Government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has found that while marijuan...

QUT Researchers Developing Better EV Batteries

FRI, 19 DEC, 2014

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has partnered-up on a new project aimed at improving battery technology for electric vehicles.

Monash University Researchers Turning CO2 Into Methanol Fuel

MON, 17 NOV, 2014

Researchers at Monash University have made significant progress in artificial photosynthesis (AP), which could one day produce a replacement for fo...



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