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Renewable Energy Could Fuel Electric Car Sales In Australia - QUT

SAT, 24 JUN, 2017

As Australia’s energy debate heats up, particularly supply issues and future energy sources, a bystander in the debate could be the electric ...

Queensland: State Government Announces Ethanol Expansion Plans

TUE, 28 APR, 2015

Queensland’s state government plans to expand the state’s renewable energy industry, focusing on biodiesel and ethanol.

BMW i3 Strengthens Environmental Cred With ISO Certificate

WED, 13 NOV, 2013

UPDATE February 2014: High demand in Europe and the US, coupled with limited production capacity, has seen the i3's Australian debut pushed out...

Sweden Eyes Oil-Free Future By 2030

FRI, 13 MAR, 2009

An oil-free future might sound like a pipe-dream right now, but that is exactly what Sweden is aiming for by 2030. In just 21 years' time, Sweden ...

VW Golf VI Gets TwinDrive Treatment, Will Enter Efficiency Trial

FRI, 28 NOV, 2008

Volkswagen has taken the diesel-electric running gear and plug-in charging system of its previous Golf V based TwinDrive hybrid, and transferred i...