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WA Government Defends Rugby Sponsorship Through Speed Camera Cash

FRI, 3 FEB, 2017

The Western Australia Government has defended the use of the state’s Road Trauma Trust Fund to sponsor the Western Force Super Rugby team.

Speed Cameras NSW - Record Revenue Yet Rising Road Toll

THU, 12 NOV, 2015

The New South Wales State Government has come under fire for its red light and speed camera programs, after figures revealed the cameras are raking...

ACT Responds To Critical Speed Camera Report: More Cameras

SAT, 16 MAY, 2015

The Australian Capital Territory Government will increase the number of speed cameras monitoring Canberra’s streets,  inject more cash i...

Red Light Cameras Cause Rear-End Collisions, Few Safety Benefits: Study

WED, 24 DEC, 2014

A study in the US has found red light cameras increase the frequency of rear-end collisions and generate revenue - and not much else… The...

WA: Road Safety Review Shows Financial Issues, Department Conflicts

WED, 24 SEP, 2014

A report into the governance of road safety matters in Western Australia has found a number of shortcomings in the state's current system,...

Victoria: Police Operation Nabs Alleged Demerit Point Dealers

SAT, 20 SEP, 2014

Police in Victoria have arrested 16 people following a four-month investigation into 'demerit point trading’.

Speed Camera Revenue In NSW Up 45 Percent

MON, 8 SEP, 2014

Revenue from speed cameras in New South Wales has reportedly risen 45 percent over two financial years, and currently returns $6.44 to the sta...

Vic: Calls For Front Plates On Motorcycles To Aid Camera Detection

THU, 21 AUG, 2014

The issue of front number plates on motorcycles has reared its head in Victoria, but to considerable opposition from motorcycling groups.

Speed Camera Boss In The US Indicted Over Bribery Charges

SUN, 17 AUG, 2014

The scandal involving Australian red light and speed camera provider Redflex has taken a turn this week, with the company’s ex-Chief Executiv...

NSW Speed And Red Light Cameras Could Total 200 By 2016: Report

SUN, 8 JUN, 2014

The New South Wales government will reportedly add up to 74 new combined speed and red light cameras to the existing network over the next 18 month...