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Tesla 90-Second Battery Swap System Launching This Year: Video

MON, 24 JUN, 2013

Tesla Motors has demonstrated to a gathering of Tesla owners just how quick one of its battery-powered cars can get back on the road once the ba...

Toyota Developing Solar-Powered Recharging Station For EVs

WED, 30 DEC, 2009

ONE OF THE MOST oft-cited criticisms of all-electric cars is that they indirectly pollute when charged using power generated from the burning of f...

ChargePoint To Establish Street-level EV Charging Network In Australia

WED, 11 NOV, 2009

AMERICAN FIRM Coulomb Technologies has signed up local company ChargePoint to distribute its electric vehicle charging systems in Australia.

City Of Adelaide To Install Charging Points For Electric Vehicles

TUE, 15 SEP, 2009

THE CITY OF ADELAIDE is proposing to install recharge stations at council-owned U-Parks to increase the appeal of electric cars for motorists. Ade...