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RAC WA Urges Governments To Prepare Legislation For Self-Driving Cars

Western Australia’s RAC has warned its home state and Australia as a whole that now is the time to prepare for the arrival of self-driving cars.

RAC WA Electric Highway: Chargers From Perth To Augusta

Western Australia residents entertaining the thought of electric vehicle ownership will soon have access to a network of fast chargers in the state...

Young Drivers Recognise Road Risks, 'But, Like, You Know, Whatever'

A survey by Western Australia’s RAC has revealed young drivers accept that certain behaviours are risky while driving, but choose to engage i...

Fuel Excise Hike Hits Today, ‘Keep Your Receipts’ Says NRMA

The Federal Government’s controversial fuel excise hike takes effect from today, though the legislation to enforce it is yet to pass through ...

WA: RAC Declares Traffic Signal Congestion Trial A Success

Western Australia’s RAC has declared its recent anti-congestion trial in Perth a success, reporting that the methods used “considerably...

West Australian Motorists ‘Short Changed’ By Federal Govt: RAC

Motorists in Western Australia are being “short changed” by the Federal Government when it comes to motoring-related taxes.

Perth Perfect For Autonomous Cars: Former GM Exec Larry Burns

Perth in Western Australia would be ideal for autonomous cars, according to former General Motors executive Larry Burns.

Suzuki Alto Tops Annual Motoring Clubs Running Costs Survey

Australia’s motoring clubs have conducted their annual vehicle running costs surveys, with the Suzuki Alto once again proving to be the cheap...

RAC WA ‘bstreetsmart’ Event Educates Young, Distracted Drivers In Perth

The 2014 ‘bstreetsmart’ road safety event has been declared a success by Western Australia’s peak motoring group, the RAC.

New Child Restraint Safety Tests Reveal Just One 5-Star Option: CREP

The Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP) has released findings for its latest round of testing, with just one of the 17 child restra...

World’s First ‘Attention-Powered’ Car Unveiled In Australia: Video

An ‘attention-powered’ car has been unveiled in Western Australia this week, as part of a campaign to learn more on the dangers of driv...

Australia's Highways Take A Beating In 2013 Report Card

So, where are all the dollars going that are stripped off motorists in registration fees, fines, GST dividends and fuel excise? The just-rel...

Demand Better Roads: Motoring Clubs Call For Government Commitment

Australia’s prominent auto clubs have joined forces to launch a campaign for safer roads during the 148 days preceding the federal election.