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Volvo Bringing Autonomous XC90 To Australia, Testing In Adelaide

WED, 22 JUL, 2015

Volvo has announced it will bring a self-driven car to Australia later this year for a first-ever test of the technology on Australian roads.

RAA Backs Bikes, Buses And Trains For Adelaide Commuters

MON, 15 DEC, 2014

The age old question of ‘car versus public transport’ has been raised again, this time in relation to Adelaide’s CBD in South Aus...

SA: RAA Launches ‘OurCar’ Servicing Guidance For Confused Owners

TUE, 25 NOV, 2014

You’ve heard this one: “Well, you’re running low on headlight fluid and the second reverse gear is shot…” It&rsqu...

Federal Government Bypasses Senate On Fuel Excise Rise, For Now

WED, 29 OCT, 2014

The Federal Government’s controversial fuel excise hike is set to go ahead from next month.

SA: RAA Highlights Defect Dangers

TUE, 21 OCT, 2014

South Australia’s Royal Automobile Association (RAA) has urged motorists this week to maintain their vehicles, with more than 21,000 passenge...

Holden Commodore The Most Stolen Car In SA: RAA

MON, 4 AUG, 2014

The Holden Commodore is by far the darling of South Australian car thieves, with stats published by the Royal Automobile Association of South ...

Suzuki Alto Tops Annual Motoring Clubs Running Costs Survey

SUN, 22 JUN, 2014

Australia’s motoring clubs have conducted their annual vehicle running costs surveys, with the Suzuki Alto once again proving to be the cheap...

CBD Speed Limits: Adelaide To Speed Up, Paris To Slow Down?

TUE, 3 JUN, 2014

South Australia’s peak motoring group, the RAA, is calling for the speed limit along Hutt Street in Adelaide to be returned to 50km/h.

Rumoured Fuel Excise Increase A ‘Back-Door Carbon Tax’: AAA

FRI, 9 MAY, 2014

The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has labelled a rumoured increase in fuel excise in the upcoming Federal Budget as a “back-do...

Young Drivers Not Getting The Mobile Message: Study

WED, 26 MAR, 2014

A new survey on young driver behaviour has found that while few are sending text messages from behind the wheel, many continue to look at their pho...