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Renewable Energy Could Fuel Electric Car Sales In Australia - QUT

SAT, 24 JUN, 2017

As Australia’s energy debate heats up, particularly supply issues and future energy sources, a bystander in the debate could be the electric ...

Ex-Highway Patrol Officer Turned MP Says ‘Speed Up’ On Victorian Highways, But QUT Says ‘Slow Down’ In Suburban Streets

WED, 14 SEP, 2016

Australia’s outdated speed laws are again under the microscope, with an ex-highway patrol officer from Victoria Police, now a member of parli...

Why Do We Tailgate? Queensland University Of Technology Launches Study

WED, 9 SEP, 2015

All drivers hate it, and yet most are guilty of doing it.

Bored Young Drivers Veering Toward Risky Behaviour: QUT

WED, 17 JUN, 2015

Research by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has found young drivers, males especially, are taking risks on the road due to boredom.

Drink Driving: ‘Steering Clear’ Program Aims To Stop Re-offending

TUE, 26 MAY, 2015

A new program which aims to prevent drink drivers from re-offending is about to be trialled in Cairns and Brisbane.

Criminal History Common Among Repeat High-range Speeders: QUT

MON, 25 MAY, 2015

Drivers caught repeatedly exceeding speed limits in the high-range category are more likely to have a criminal history away from the roads, a new s...

Young Male Motorists Respond Best To Funny Safety Messages: Study

MON, 27 APR, 2015

A new study by Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety (CARRS-Q) suggests that young male motori...

QUT Researchers Developing ‘Body-Powered’ Electric Cars

SAT, 27 DEC, 2014

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) are close to developing ‘body-powered’ car panels, thanks to a technical b...

QUT Researchers Developing Better EV Batteries

FRI, 19 DEC, 2014

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has partnered-up on a new project aimed at improving battery technology for electric vehicles.

Parents Setting Bad Example With Mobile Phones While Driving: QUT

MON, 24 NOV, 2014

A new Queensland University of Technology study has found parents are setting a poor example when it comes to mobile phone use behind the wheel.