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Bathurst 12 Hour Preview | 5-7 February 2016

FRI, 29 JAN, 2016

The Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12-Hour, now just a week away, continues to grow in importance on the Australian and global racing calendar.

Vorsteiner Reveals Porsche Turbo 997 V-RT Edition

WED, 18 MAR, 2009

While most of us would be happy simply to park any Porsche in our driveway, others crave a little more. For those who want their Porker to stand o...

Mansory Reveals Porsche 997 Tuning Program

FRI, 13 MAR, 2009

Mansory has recently released details on its first series of 911 tuning products since purchasing the division from Rinspeed, and from the looks o...

Switzer Performance Innovations Releases 1000hp Porsche 911 Upgrade Package

WED, 14 JAN, 2009

We don't often associate America with hardcore Porsche tuning, but it looks like we might have to re-think that stance.

Ferrari Outsells the Porsche 911 in July

WED, 6 AUG, 2008

This news is surprising to say the least.

2008 R35 GT-R vs Porsche 997 Turbo video

WED, 16 JAN, 2008

It's no secret that Nissan benchmarked their new GT-R against the Porsche 997 Turbo, so seeing it win a track challenge undertaken between the two ...

GT-R V-Spec is coming

THU, 25 OCT, 2007

With the dust still settling on its silver paintwork at the Tokyo Motor Show, the 2008 Nissan GT-R seems to have it all – or does it? A twin-tur...

Audi R8 vs Porsche 997 Carrera 2 Top Gear style

TUE, 16 OCT, 2007

Clarkson describes the Audi R8 as faultless perfection but the Hamster doesn't agree.

New Porsche GT2 clocks Nurburgring at 7:32

THU, 9 AUG, 2007

What is arguably the most lethal mass produced road vehicle to come out of Stuttgart (nicknamed "The Widow-Maker" for good reason) and weighing in ...

Porsche 911 GT2 Promotional Video

THU, 26 JUL, 2007

The folks at WorldCarFans have managed to source a Porsche 997 GT2 promotional video.



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