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Mini Clubman Joins The Force In Newtown

Perhaps reflecting the changing nature of the Sydney suburb of Newton, on the fringe of the CBD and once decidedly blue-collar but these days ...

NSW Police Minister Says Underground Version Of Grand Theft Auto Isn’t So Grand

New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant has attacked a modified version of the popular Grand Theft Auto gaming series.

Holden Commodore - Details Of The Next Generation

Holden has outlined its first-ever, all-imported Commodore - the car that will carry the famous name in Australia once the home-built version depar...

Speed Enforcement Keeps Our Eyes Off The Road - University Of Western Australia

Findings from a study released this week confirm what most in the motoring community already knew - that draconian enforcement of speed limits has ...

NSW Police Adds Audi S7 Sportback To Community Engagement Fleet

The fleet of desirable cars in Australia featuring various Police logos splashed across their paintwork has increased yet again, with the addition ...

Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe Reports For Duty With Victoria Police

Victoria Police has taken delivery of a new highway patrol car from the high-performance tuners at Mercedes-AMG - a GLE 63 S Coupe SUV.

Ford Mustang Spied In NSW Police Highway Patrol Livery

A new Ford Mustang has been spied in New South Wales wearing the full NSW Police Highway Patrol war paint, leading to speculation that the pony car...

Holden Cruze Hits The Streets For Victoria Police

With the days numbered for the locally-built Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon, Australian police forces are now forced to consider w...

Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Get The Thumbs Down In Victorian Court

Victorian motorcycle rider Max Lichtenbaum has unsuccessfully challenged a fine handed to him by police for using a camera attached to his hel...

McLaren 650S And Aston Martin Vanquish Volante Report For Duty With NSW Police

It is something of a trend now, this loaning to the police of very high-powered, very fast cars.

Victoria: First-time 0.1 Drink-driving Offenders To Lose Cars For 30 Days

New laws to be introduced in Victoria from August 1 will enable police to impound or wheel-clamp the vehicles of first-time drink-driving offenders...

Queensland: Double Demerit Points, Loss Of Licence For Mobile Phone Use

The Queensland Government will introduce tougher penalties for mobile phone offences as the state attempts to tackle what it believes is a growing ...

US Town Hides Traffic Cameras In Fake Cactus Plants

Authorities from Paradise Valley in the US state of Arizona have turned to fake cactus plants in a bid to identify vehicles of interest.

Dash Cams: Victoria Police Warn Against ‘Vigilante’ Online Shaming

Police have warned against the use of dashboard-mounted cameras for ‘vigilante’ behaviour, as the technical devices grow in popularity.

Victoria: Police Considering Mobile Camera Network To Monitor Vehicles

Police in Victoria plan to introduce a network of car-mounted cameras in an effort to monitor the state’s ‘most wanted’ motorists.

Victoria: Holden Still The Favourite For Car Thieves In 2014

New data for 2014 shows that Holden remains the top pick for car thieves in Victoria, reflecting numbers drawn from across the nation in recent years.

Police ‘Wasting Time’ With Low-Level Speeding As Fines Triple: RACV

Victoria’s peak motoring group, the RACV, has hit out at the state’s police force and its policy of targeting low-level speeding.

Canberra Cops Add Volvo S60 T6 R-Design To Fleet In New Test

Research into Australia’s next-generation patrol and pursuit fleets continues, with cops in the ACT this week kicking off a test program with...

Keep Left: NSW Police Book 300 Motorists That Can’t Read A Sign

Life on the road is challenging enough when exiting a 100km/h freeway means forcing your way into the crawling left lane, but dealing with those th...

Vic: Police Scan 25,000 Number Plates On Eastern Freeway

Victoria Police this week “threw a BlueNet” over Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway in the latest operation to use its new Automated Num...

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