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Nissan Expanding Electric Family, Considering Wireless Charging: Report

MON, 2 SEP, 2013

Nissan is reportedly building on its commitment to the electric vehicle market, revealing plans to expand its EV fleet to five models.

FCAI Establishes Electric Vehicle Working Group

FRI, 8 MAY, 2009

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI)  has set up its own working group to examine the challenges faced by importers and manufa...

UK Government Approves Electric Vehicle Rebate

THU, 23 APR, 2009

The UK government is so strongly focused on eradicating pollutant-belching transportation, it has declared its intent ot make the British Isles th...

2009 Subaru Stella EV To Get Upgrade For Japanese Launch

FRI, 17 APR, 2009

Subaru has announced that it'll be bumping up the power, beefing up the torque and cutting some weight out of the next version of its Stella elect...

Ford Plug-In Hybrids To Arrive In 2010

FRI, 17 APR, 2009

Ford has announced it is another step closer to production of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

UK Government Plans Incentives For Electric Vehicle Buyers

FRI, 17 APR, 2009

To give a leg-up to the green car industry, the UK government is proposing financial incentives for buyers of new electric and plug-in hybrid vehi...

Plug-In Prius Set To Drink Even Less

TUE, 3 FEB, 2009

It may not be too long before you can purchase a car which really does run on the smell of an oily rag.

BYD F3DM Joins The Plug-In Hybrid Set

WED, 14 JAN, 2009

  Chinese manufacturer BYD looks like it may have swept in to steal the limelight in the promised land of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Tesla Announces High-Performance Roadster Sport EV

MON, 12 JAN, 2009

Ready to play with a Scalectric set for grown ups? Tesla Motors, who introduced the world to the concept of an electric vehicle as more than just ...

Better Place To Establish Australian Electric Car Network

FRI, 24 OCT, 2008

In a plan announced yesterday, Australia looks set to be the third country in the world to establish an electric car network.