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Toyota Plans To Build 20,000-plus Plug-In Hybrids By 2013

MON, 6 JUL, 2009

WHILE TOYOTA HAS already announced the start of low-volume plug-in hybrid production, the Japanese automaker will reportedly be ramping up output ...

Toyota To Lease Out 500 Plug-In Priuses By End Of 2009

THU, 4 JUN, 2009

THE CHEVY VOLT isn't too far away from the showroom and Volvo has just announced that it'll be bringing out its own plug-in hybrid in 2012.

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Testing in the UK

THU, 11 SEP, 2008

Toyota and UK's EDF Energy and have teamed up to begin testing the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid vehicle(PHV). As the name implies, the PH...



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