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A New Tax Slug For Melbourne Motorists…CBD A No-Go Zone?

TUE, 4 OCT, 2016

Melbourne motorists are feeling like a hunted species today.

Smile Pedestrians, That Approaching Autonomous Car Has Spotted You

MON, 19 SEP, 2016

The rush to autonomous motoring isn’t lacking in landmines for car companies, and the mingling of vehicles and pedestrians is certainly a &ls...

NSW Cycling Laws - Tougher Fines ID Requirements And Passing Buffers From March

TUE, 22 DEC, 2015

Cyclists in New South Wales will have to abide by a new set of rules from March next year, and some associated fines are set to jump.

VicRoads Boss: Ditch Cars, Change Jobs, Cycle Or Use Public Transport

TUE, 7 JUL, 2015

The boss of VicRoads has declared some of Melbourne’s busiest roads are close to capacity, with no workable way of relieving the city’s...

Australia Mid-Pack On Road Toll Figures, Behind On Improvement: IRTAD

FRI, 29 MAY, 2015

The annual report from the International Road Traffic and Accident Database (IRTAD) shows Australia’s road toll placed firmly in the middle o...

Vic: RACV Releases Transport Blueprint, State Budget Demands For 2015

WED, 22 APR, 2015

Victoria’s RACV has outlined its vision for a transport blueprint, which it says would bring improved mobility, safety and affordability to t...

Vic: TAC Blames Distraction For Spike In Pedestrian Fatalities

THU, 29 JAN, 2015

If you thought pedestrians choosing to walk around staring at mobile phone screens or wearing giant fashionable headphones were contributing to the...

NSW: Non-compliant Bull Bars Given Two-Year's Grace

THU, 28 AUG, 2014

Bull-bars that fail to meet safety standards have been given a two-year grace period by the New South Wales Government.

Volvo Details New AstaZero ‘Flexible’ Proving Ground

SUN, 24 AUG, 2014

Volvo has detailed its new ‘flexible’ proving ground, as its latest step in a campaign to see no deaths or serious injuries in a new Vo...

Vic: Calls For Front Plates On Motorcycles To Aid Camera Detection

THU, 21 AUG, 2014

The issue of front number plates on motorcycles has reared its head in Victoria, but to considerable opposition from motorcycling groups.



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