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Ferrari Developing New Door Opening System

TUE, 24 NOV, 2009

FERRARI IS DEVELOPING a new hinge mechanism to improve entry and exit from its vehicles, according to a patent application the supercar company ha...

Ferrari Lodges Patent For Hybrid Drive System

SUN, 24 MAY, 2009

A PATENT LODGED by Ferrari suggests the Italian automaker may be working on bringing a hybrid powertrain to market, which would most certainly be a...

Ford Applies For Patent On Pushrod Turbocharged V8 In US

MON, 6 APR, 2009

While investigating the Patent Office files for applications which may impact on their clients, US patent law firm Stamoulis & Weinblatt has s...

PSA Peugeot Files 961 Patents In 2008

TUE, 24 MAR, 2009

Peugeot claims it is at the cutting edge of automotive technology in Europe and who are we to argue. With 961 patent applications filed in 2008, P...



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