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Road Ragers Letting Loose In Front Of Kids: NRMA

FRI, 12 JUN, 2015

A new survey by the NRMA has found that a significant majority of motorists have encountered ‘road rage’ in the past year.

Vic: TAC Targeting Parent Behaviour In New Road Safety Campaign

WED, 8 APR, 2015

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has launched a new road safety campaign, aimed at motorists engaging in poor driving behaviour...

Young Drivers Recognise Road Risks, 'But, Like, You Know, Whatever'

FRI, 5 DEC, 2014

A survey by Western Australia’s RAC has revealed young drivers accept that certain behaviours are risky while driving, but choose to engage i...

Supervising Drivers Perform Poorly In Road Rules Test: NRMA

FRI, 27 SEP, 2013

An NRMA survey of the parents and guardians of learner drivers found that just three percent were familiar enough with road rules to pass...

VW Report Highlights Complacency On Child Safety: Kidsafe Day

TUE, 23 OCT, 2012

Volkswagen Australia has shown its support for today’s National Kidsafe Day 2012, with the release of an independent report into Australia...




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