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MIT ‘Morphable Skins’ Could Change Car Aerodynamics: Video

MON, 28 JUL, 2014

The idea of adding golf ball-style aerodynamic dimples to a car isn’t new, but a recent scientific discovery could bring it much closer to re...

Nissan Testing Dirt-Repelling Nano-Paint Technology: Video

FRI, 25 APR, 2014

Last year it was a self-cleaning rear camera.

2014 Lexus RC Coupe To Feature New Four Coat Paint Finish

FRI, 27 DEC, 2013

Lexus has detailed the process of its striking new four-coat paint finish, set to feature on the carmaker’s new RC Coupe range in 2014.

White Still The Most Popular Car Colour Around The World: PPG

FRI, 25 OCT, 2013

Global car paint giant PPG has released its most popular colour lists for 2013, with white taking the top spot for the third year running.



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