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P-Plates Until You're 25, Victoria's Top Traffic Cop Says

TUE, 21 MAY, 2013

Victoria's top traffic cop believes that keeping probationary drivers on their 'P-plates' until the age of 25 would significantly cu...

South Australia Planning Tough New Laws For 'P-Plate' Drivers

THU, 28 MAR, 2013

South Australia is set to follow other states with the introduction of tough new legislation for drivers on probationary licences.  The...

VicRoads To Ease Forced Induction Rules For P-platers

WED, 30 MAY, 2012

VicRoads is set to adjust its ‘no turbo’ rules for Victorian P-platers, in favour of a new policy based on a power-to-weight ratio. ...

NSW Opposition Wants Compulsory One-day Driving Course For Learners

FRI, 22 OCT, 2010

Debate over the best course of action for educating young drivers rages on this week, with the New South Wales Opposition announcing that it wou...

SA P-Platers Banned From V8, Turbo And Supercharged Cars

FRI, 2 JUL, 2010

Following a proposal announced last year, the South Australian Government has confirmed today that it will ban probationary drivers from vehicle...

South Australian P-Platers Facing Tougher Penalties

MON, 22 FEB, 2010

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN Premier Mike Rann said this week that his Government will come down harder on P-plate offenders if re-elected at the March...

P-Plater Vehicle Classification Criteria In Queensland Flawed: RACQ

THU, 10 DEC, 2009

YOUNG DRIVERS ON Provisional licences are being prevented from driving a range of safe cars because of unfair vehicle classification criteria, Que...

Younger And Older Age Groups At Odds On The Road

WED, 2 DEC, 2009

DRIVERS YOUNG AND OLD have taken aim at each other over which age group is the greater hazard on the road, according to research by insurer AAMI. ...

Queensland Adopts Zero Blood Alcohol Limit For L And P-Platers Of All Ages

TUE, 24 NOV, 2009

QUEENSLAND PREMIER Anna Bligh has announced that learner and provisional drivers of all ages will soon be required to maintain a zero blood alcoho...

South Australian Govt To Ban P-Platers From V8s, Modified Cars

MON, 28 SEP, 2009

THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT is proposing new legislation that will restrict P1 and P2 drivers under the age of 25 from driving a vehicle with ...