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Feature Article: 2013 Opel Insignia OPC Launch Review

2013 OPEL INSIGNIA OPC REVIEW What's hot: Big power big torque nice style. What's not: Soft dynamics automatic gearbox not up to the task. X-Factor: Inexpensive comparatively for a hi-po Euro performance saloon. Vehicle Style: Luxury performance sedan Price: 59 990 Power Torque: 239kW 435Nm Fuel Economy claimed: 10.9 l 100km OVERVIEW Since the Volkswagen Passat R36 departed VW's local line-up there's been a distinct lack of high performance options in the mid-size sedan market. For affordable thumping performance you've got to go up a size to Ford's enticing 56 235 G6E Turbo or the 61 990 Holden Calais V... continue reading