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VACC Asks ACCC To Get Serious Over Fuel Prices

SUN, 26 OCT, 2008

On Friday, the price of a barrel of oil dropped US$1.00, from a slight rally, to finish at US$67 a barrel, more than 50% down on recent highs.

VACC Urges Proposed Petrol Commissioner To Abandon Fuelwatch

TUE, 7 OCT, 2008

The Rudd government has received another broadside from the VACC, this time over its planned national Fuelwatch scheme.

The Real McCoey on RON - Research Octane Number

SAT, 23 AUG, 2008

RON? Not your next-door neighbour. What does the RON number mean in regard to petrol? Unleaded fuels carry a RON (Research Octane Number) rating.

Mercedes aims to phase out petrol and diesel models by 2015

FRI, 4 JUL, 2008

Mercedes Benz is planning to eliminate all petrol and diesel-powered models within its model line up by 2015, replacing them all with a new range ...

MicroFueller promises to ease dependence on foreign oil from comfort of your own home

FRI, 9 MAY, 2008

Tired of paying through the nose for fuel? Sick of having to hang onto shopping receipts just to save a measly four cents a litre on petrol? The n...