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Ford Mustang - Custom Number Plates Now Available In Victoria

TUE, 24 NOV, 2015

The arrival of Ford’s Mustang pony-car in Australia is close, and Victoria’s VicRoads Custom Plates has used the opportunity to sell so...

Victorian JDM Fans Get Their Japanese Number Plates

WED, 24 JUN, 2015

Victorian motorists have another new style of number plate to choose from, this time targeted at fans of Japanese cars.

Victoria: Police Considering Mobile Camera Network To Monitor Vehicles

MON, 27 APR, 2015

Police in Victoria plan to introduce a network of car-mounted cameras in an effort to monitor the state’s ‘most wanted’ motorists.

Vic: Japan-style Custom Plates Coming

THU, 26 FEB, 2015

Lovers of Japanese cars, rejoice: Victoria’s roads authority VicRoads is about to answer your pleas for a plate that fits your JDM baby.

Vic: Calls For Front Plates On Motorcycles To Aid Camera Detection

THU, 21 AUG, 2014

The issue of front number plates on motorcycles has reared its head in Victoria, but to considerable opposition from motorcycling groups.

VicRoads Rolls Into FPV’s GTF Party With Commemorative Plate

THU, 19 JUN, 2014

VicRoads has revealed a commemorative plate that celebrates the new FPV GT F 351 and the Falcon GT's long history.

Classic Number Plate Values To Rival Cars At Auction: Shannons

TUE, 25 FEB, 2014

An upcoming Sydney auction is expected to see around $1.5 million made from a series of classic Australian number plates.

VACC Backs Victoria Police SAFEPL8 Anti-Theft Initiative

TUE, 22 OCT, 2013

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has thrown its support behind a new Victoria Police initiative aimed at reducing number plate o...

TasPlates Releases New Number Plate Colours And Designs

MON, 12 NOV, 2012

Tasmanian motorists will soon get three new choices when ordering number plates, with the release this week of additional colour and design opti...



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