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Rural Women NSW's Safest Drivers: Roads And Maritime Services

FRI, 8 MAR, 2013

Women have struck another blow against men in the gender wars, with new Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) figures revealing females in rural are...

Sydney Harbour Bridge In For Repairs, Delays Expected Through January

THU, 5 JAN, 2012

The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge is set for major works in the coming weeks, and the New South Wales government says motorists can expect length...

NSW: 2011 Road Toll Second Lowest Since 1944

WED, 4 JAN, 2012

Preliminary figures released by the New South Wales Roads & Maritime Services show that the state's road toll in 2011 was the second low...

NSW: VSCCS Wins Industry Praise

FRI, 23 DEC, 2011

New South Wales' new Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) has won the approval of the state's motoring bodies, garneri...

VSCCS Replaces Engineering Certification Scheme In NSW

THU, 22 DEC, 2011

The New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has announced a new scheme which aims to streamline the assessment of modified vehicles, w...

NSW: New Report Outlines Travel Times On Key Routes

THU, 29 SEP, 2011

The New South Wales Government has released a report that outlines travel times on 115 key routes around Sydney, revealing the extent of the pea...

NSW Speed Zones Streamlined

THU, 25 AUG, 2011

The New South Wales Government has announced it will streamline 10 key stretches of road as part of the state's ongoing speed zone review. ...

NSW: New Rules For Re-registering Write-offs

FRI, 5 AUG, 2011

The New South Wales Government has announced new rules for the registering of repaired write-offs, designed to protect consumers when buying use...

NSW: 38 Speed Cameras Axed In Safety Audit

WED, 27 JUL, 2011

The NSW Government has ordered the RTA to deactivate 38 of the state's 141 fixed cameras after a safety audit found the cameras had no signi...

New 'Transport for NSW' Body To Replace RTA

TUE, 19 JUL, 2011

NSW motorists may be breathing a sigh of relief with news that the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority is to be abolished. After nea...