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Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex Abandoned Due To Protected Plants

THU, 6 APR, 2017

Another pending motorsports facility in Australia has been placed in the ‘too hard’ basket for good, with plans for the Shoalhaven Moto...

Uber Declared Legal In NSW, WA To Follow, VIC In "No Rush"

FRI, 18 DEC, 2015

Popular ride-sharing service Uber has been declared legal in New South Wales, with the state Government announcing reforms to the taxi and hire car...

NSW Government Looks To Cut Costs With Car-Sharing Trial

SAT, 11 OCT, 2014

Car sharing could become a permanent means of transport for New South Wales Government employees, if a new trial proves successful.

NSW: Odometer Tampering Fines Double, New Motor Dealers Act

FRI, 26 SEP, 2014

Motor dealers in New South Wales caught tampering with odometer readings will soon face tougher penalties.

NSW: Fair Trading Vehicle Repair Reforms ‘Delayed’

FRI, 26 SEP, 2014

Changes to Fair Trading laws surrounding motor vehicle repair in New South Wales have been delayed, despite a committee recommending urgent action.

NSW Merges Outdated Motor Acts, New Powers For Fair Trading

FRI, 25 OCT, 2013

The New South Wales government will today introduce new laws into State Parliament, designed to combine two existing motor vehicle acts.

NSW Fuel Retailer Price Board Laws Now In Effect

FRI, 6 SEP, 2013

The New South Wales government’s new service-station price board laws have come into effect this week, designed to make it easier for cons...

NSW Government: Mobile Phone Safety Campaign A Success

THU, 8 AUG, 2013

The New South Wales Government has declared its “Get Your Hand Off It” campaign a success, with mobile phone offences down 11 percen...

NSW Safer Drivers Course And Higher Speed Limit Now In Action

WED, 3 JUL, 2013

The New South Wales Safer Drivers Course begins this week, aiming to better train young drivers to reduce road trauma amongst young drivers.

NSW Government Launches 'Get Your Hand Off It' Campaign: Video

FRI, 14 JUN, 2013

The New South Wales government has launched a new campaign targeting drivers who use mobile phones behind the wheel.