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Workers Taking Sickies To Deal With (Traffic) Congestion: NRMA

THU, 23 MAY, 2013

A new study by the NRMA has found that traffic congestion problems are contributing to the number of sick days taken by employees.

NRMA Calls For NSW Road Sign Audit As Speed Camera Fines Fall

MON, 8 APR, 2013

A 53 percent drop in fines issued from two of the more profitable camera sites in New South Wales has been attributed to clear new warning signs.

Older Drivers And Older Vehicles A Dangerous Combination: NRMA

MON, 17 DEC, 2012

Older drivers risk a much greater chance of injury by choosing or staying with an older vehicle, according to a new NRMA and NSW Centre for Road...

Motorists Caught Out By Misleading Fuel Price Boards: NRMA

FRI, 6 JUL, 2012

A new survey by motoring services body NRMA has found that a staggering one-in-two motorists have been stung by misleading fuel price boards in ...

NSW: NRMA Pushing For Better Use Of Traffic Fine Revenue

MON, 14 NOV, 2011

New South Wales motoring body NRMA is calling on the state government to make better use of the hundreds of millions of dollars in traffic fine ...

Parents Passing Bad Habits Onto Learner-drivers: NRMA

THU, 27 OCT, 2011

A new survey in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory has found that parents and other supervisors are passing their bad habits o...

NRMA Uses 3D System To Measure Peak-hour Stress

TUE, 20 SEP, 2011

NRMA Motoring & Services has begun trials of a new system for measuring stress in motorists, utilising 3D goggles and a pulse rate monitor. ...

Clunes To NSW Government: Hands Off Our Camera

TUE, 2 AUG, 2011

The far-north New South Wales community of Clunes has won a battle the state government probably never expected to be in: the right to keep its ...

NRMA Launches i-MiEV Assistance Vehicle And Mobile EV Recharger

TUE, 12 JUL, 2011

Sydney-based early adopters in Australia's growing electric vehicle segment have a new hero, with the launch this week of a new electric veh...

Sydney Congestion Getting Worse: NRMA

TUE, 17 MAY, 2011

Congestion on Sydney's highways has worsened over the past 12 months, causing a dramatic impact on business operating costs, a new survey by...



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