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Feature Article: 2010 Nissan Z34 370Z Roadster Manual Road Test Review

WHETHER DESERVED or not topless versions of tin-roofed sportscars are often seen as poser-spec boulevard cruisers with all the chassis rigidity of half-cooked spaghetti. Nissan's Z-car family hasn't been immune when it comes to such stereotypes. The Z32 300ZX Convertible of the 1990s was a stylistic disaster and the Z33 350Z Roadster that followed traded the great dynamics and butch image of its hardtopped brother for sloppy handling and an unappealing design. Now ten months after it brought the excellent Z34 370Z Coupe to Australian showrooms Nissan has followed it up with the rag-topped Roadster variant. Has the Japanese manufacturer... continue reading



  • 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster Launch

    SAT, 27 FEB, 2010

    BEFORE THE CURRENT 370Z Coupe's great-grandfather, the 240Z, rocked the sportscar establishment, there existed another sporty Nissan. Ca...

  • 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster First Drive Review

    FRI, 12 FEB, 2010

    THE LOCATION FOR the 370Z Roadster's launch was New Zealand's picturesque South island, home to some of the most dramatic scenery and ou...


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