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GT Academy Winner Lucas Ordoñez Continues Series Success In Nissan 350Z

MON, 11 MAY, 2009

After taking home top honours in the Nissan, Sony and Polyphony Digital GT Academy program, Lucas Ordoñez decided he could make something of a ca...

GT Academy Winner Intends To Continue Motorsport Career

MON, 4 MAY, 2009

The winner of Polyphony Digital's GT Academy experiment - a competition that put players of the popular Gran Turismo racing game into the cockpit ...

AEM 350Z Wins US Formula Drift Championship

WED, 15 OCT, 2008

The upcoming 370Z has been generating a fair amount of interest, as you'd expect of the next iteration of one of Nissan's halo cars.

Car Shopping in the USA, Part II: What Makes a Future Classic?

THU, 7 AUG, 2008

Last week I was overjoyed to hear that my 63-year-old mother was finally in the market for a new car.

Next gen 2008 Nissan 350Z to share GT-R V6

WED, 6 JUN, 2007

According to GoAuto the next gen Z (or ‘Zee’ as the Americans like to call it) is going to feature naturally aspirated GT-R power.

Toyota FT-HS basis for next Supra

TUE, 29 MAY, 2007

We won’t dwell on this for too long but we do need to break-up all of the ‘small-car’ news of the recent day or so.

Nissan 350Z – Zeds not dead

TUE, 17 APR, 2007

The venerable 350Z has been updated for 2007.