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NYC Mayor Proposes Shame Strategy Until Camera Fines Approved

WED, 27 JUN, 2012

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed using the city's fixed speed-camera network to shame leadfooted drivers into slowing down.

Veloster Takes Over Times Square, Australian Debut Set For February

FRI, 30 DEC, 2011

Hyundai has turned its Times Square video billboard into a giant cinema-sized gaming centre, as a part of the promotional campaign for its new V...

New York Taxis Say Goodbye Ford, Hello Nissan

THU, 5 MAY, 2011

If you're visiting New York City in the next couple of years, the cab you get from the airport might not be the iconic Ford Crown Victoria t...

2010 Subaru Legacy To Be Revealed in New York?

THU, 12 MAR, 2009

After unveilling the Legacy Concept in Detroit back in January (the production version of which is known locally as the Subaru Liberty), it is now...

Hybrid Taxis rampant in NY

SUN, 27 JUL, 2008

New York, its streets once synonymous with the famous Checkers Cabs, is now turning to hybrids under a five-year environmental agenda first propos...



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