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Speed Camera Audit Under Way In NSW

MON, 11 APR, 2011

The New South Wales Government has begun an audit this week of the state's speed camera network. The announcement follows news last week...

NSW Motorists Regain Speeding Leeway

FRI, 1 APR, 2011

Following news that the former NSW Labor government had abolished the state's margin of error on speeding, the new Deputy Premier Andrew Sto...

NSW To Abolish Margin For Error On Speeding: Report

FRI, 25 MAR, 2011

The official number has never been revealed, but a new report this week suggests the New South Wales Government will soon do away with its margi...

Intelligent Speed Adaptation Could Save Lives, Won't Be Compulsory: NSW RTA

MON, 25 OCT, 2010

A six-month trial of Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) systems by the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) has found that while a significant ...