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Freightliner's Self-Driving Trucks Approved For Public Road Testing

THU, 7 MAY, 2015

With all the predictions surrounding the day when the world might see the first fully self-driven car in showrooms, it’s easy to forget that ...

Tesla Supercharger For Sydney, Gigafactory For Nevada

FRI, 5 SEP, 2014

Tesla's slow-burn launch into Australia continues with news that its first Supercharger station will appear in Sydney, while on the internation...

Audi Granted Nevada Autonomous Vehicle Licence

WED, 9 JAN, 2013

Audi has become the first carmaker allowed to publicly operate autonomous vehicles in the US state of Nevada, and is just the third organisation...

Johnny 5 Is Alive: Google's Autonomous Car Gets A Licence To Drive

TUE, 8 MAY, 2012

Google is ready to take the next step with its self-driving Toyota Prius, securing a driver's licence for the US state of Nevada. Yes, w...




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