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GM, Chrysler Will Need Miracle To Avoid Bankruptcy

TUE, 31 MAR, 2009

It is getting near the end of the penny-section for GM and Chrysler.

Obama Preparing To Set Deadline For GM, Chrysler?

MON, 30 MAR, 2009

During an interview with US television show Political Capital With Al Hunt, US Treasury auto adviser Steve Rattner suggested that the talks betwee...

GM, Ford And Chrysler Bail-out Imminent, US Government To Go Into Car Making Business

TUE, 9 DEC, 2008

So, after three days of talks between Congressional Democrats and the Bush administration (still quacking, but one of the lamest ducks in the hist...

Bailout Loans Deal For GM, Ford And Chrysler Likely

SUN, 7 DEC, 2008

Agence France-Presse (AFP Washington) is reporting that US carmakers, GM, Ford and Chrysler, are likely to partially succeed in their bid for mult...

Dodge EV, Jeep EV, Chrysler EV At Los Angeles Auto Show

THU, 20 NOV, 2008

Chrysler LLC's CEO Bob Nardelli has just gone cap-in-hand to the US government, hoping to secure a $US7billion share of a...