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NAC MG UK Ltd Changes Name To MG Motor UK Ltd

WED, 21 JAN, 2009

Is the negative stigma attached to Chinese cars really that bad? Now we all know people who refuse to believe that a Chinese car can be a good thi...

2009 Ford Fiesta Begins Production in Germany

FRI, 15 AUG, 2008

Ford has commenced production on the all-new 2009 Ford Fiesta at the Cologne assembly plant in Germany, with other Ford factories around the globe...

MG TF back in production with full replacement due in 2010

THU, 8 MAY, 2008

The on-again off-again resurrection of the MG TF appears to be on again with news that production of the TF LE500 will commence in August this yea...

MG TF Roadster resurrection in doubt

WED, 16 APR, 2008

It all sounded too good to be true for fans of the MG TF roadster and too foolish to be anything but a pipedream to everyone else.

MG to benefit from merger of Nanjing and SAIC

FRI, 28 DEC, 2007

The rebirth of the MG brand via Chinese manufacturer Nanjing Auto has not proceeded quite too plan with Nanjing struggling to meet the high qualit...

Mazda2 sedan to be revealed in China

MON, 19 NOV, 2007

Mazda has announced that it will reveal the all-new Mazda2 (known as Mazda Demio in Japan) sedan to the public at the 2007 Guangzhou Motor Show on...

New MG TF headlines MG car club celebration

WED, 27 JUN, 2007

It’s fair to say that the Chinese don’t muck around when it comes to building cars, at least not the chaps at Nanjing Automobile Corporation (N...

Chinese to revive Healey sports car brand

TUE, 19 JUN, 2007

AutoCar in the UK have come across some interesting news.

MG TF born again in the UK

WED, 30 MAY, 2007

We previously covered the rebirthing of MG by Nanjing Automobile Corporation in China.

MG TF - Chinese with a British flavour…

WED, 4 APR, 2007

MG, that famous British brand first seen in the 1920’s has just been resurrected in Nanjing, China.