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New Toyota Supra Confirmed, MR2 On The Cards: Report

THU, 15 NOV, 2012

Toyota, it would appear, has found renewed interest within its boardrooms for genuine sports models in its vehicle line-up, an enthusi...

Bored With Your Old AW11 Toyota MR2? The Solution Is At Hand.

WED, 8 APR, 2009

Toyota’s AW11 MR2, produced from 1984 to 1989, has always been a love-hate thing for me.  It is at once sporty looking and ridiculously box...

Acquired Taste: Ride Cars Offer Mustang Fastback Body Conversion For Toyota MR2

TUE, 24 FEB, 2009

Don't have the cash for your own Mustang GT350 replica but can afford an SW20 Toyota MR2 and a big wad of fibreglass? Ride Cars from the UK ...



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