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Motorists Want Police To Combat Driver Distraction: RACQ

FRI, 5 OCT, 2012

A survey of RACQ members has found that a significant majority of motorists want "stronger enforcement" of road rules, especially thos...

WA To Ease Off Mobile Phone Laws For Motorists, Other States May Clamp Down

MON, 14 FEB, 2011

The Western Australian Government will soon introduce new laws that will allow motorists to make handsfree mobile phone calls while driving. ...

NRMA Survey: Drivers Still Texting, Eating, Shaving At The Wheel

WED, 9 JUN, 2010

New research has shown that many drivers are unperturbed by tougher penalties for mobile phone use while driving, with 24 percent of respondents...

Banning Mobile Phone Use While Driving No Great Benefit: US Study

MON, 8 FEB, 2010

BANNING THE USE of mobile phones while driving may not result in a significant decrease in traffic accidents, according to a new study by the High...