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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Final Edition Headed To Australia

SUN, 3 MAY, 2015

Mitsubishi will give its local customers a chance to secure one of the last-ever Lancer Evolution models, as the carmaker prepares for its retirement.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X SE Announced For US, Australian Debut Unlikely

WED, 7 JUL, 2010

The US arm of Mitsubishi has today announced a new mid-range version of its high-performance Evolution sedan, dubbed Lancer Evolution X Spe...

2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Gets Basic Updates For Japan, Some May Come To Aus

FRI, 9 OCT, 2009

MITSUBISHI HAS ANNOUNCED a number of updates to the Japanese-market 2010 Mitsubishi Evolution X.

Mitsubishi Evo X FQ400 On The Way

THU, 16 OCT, 2008

With the modified Evo X having proven itself in the recent Britcar 24hr Endurance event, Mitsubishi UK has given the all-clear for production of a...

U.K. Police Ponder Evo X Interceptor

TUE, 14 OCT, 2008

While specifications are nowhere to be seen, on looks alone the Evo X Interceptor is an impressive bit of gear.


Subaru WRX STI Spec.R Auto, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR SST And VW Golf R DSG Comparison

THU, 23 DEC, 2010

SUBARU WRX STI, MITSUBISHI EVO AND GOLF R REVIEW As tested pricing: Lancer Evolution MR SST: $73,390 (RRP) WRX STI spec.R automatic: $...

2009 TMR Evo X SST Club Spec Road Test Review

TUE, 7 APR, 2009

If the Evo X is already a stunning piece of machinery, what happens when you tweak one for motorsport? We pulled on a helmet, strapped up the harn...

2008 Mitsubishi EVO X Manual Road Test Review

FRI, 31 OCT, 2008

Last weekend started out rather strangely. Having sauntered down to the carpark Saturday morning, I couldn’t resist having a long look...

Mitsubishi Evo X vs. Volkswagen R32 Road Test Review

TUE, 7 OCT, 2008

A no-holds-barred TMR ‘drive-off’.


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