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2009 Melbourne Motor Show: Audi RS6

FRI, 27 FEB, 2009

It may not be the newest kid on the block, but that doesn't make it any less worthy of adoration.

2009 Melbourne Motor Show: Subaru Stella Plug-In

FRI, 27 FEB, 2009

It's true, 93 cents won't get you much these days.

2009 Melbourne Motor Show: Updated Škoda Octavia

FRI, 27 FEB, 2009

Škoda Australia has revealed its new Octavia model range. When viewed from the front, the key enhancements to the new Octavia include newly-sh...

2009 Melbourne Motor Show: Volkswagen Pickup Concept

FRI, 27 FEB, 2009

Volkswagen has unveiled its Pickup Concept to the Australian motoring public and its likely to create more than a little interest amongst traditi...

2009 Melbourne Motor Show: Holden Cruze

FRI, 27 FEB, 2009

Holden has lifted the veil on its version of General Motors global small car offering, the Cruze.



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