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Mazda Celebrates 50 Years Of The Rotary Engine

Mazda's rotary engine, hated and loved in equal measure, is celebrating its 50th birthday.

Mazda Rotary RX Could Return In 2020 - Report

Mazda’s RX-7 and RX-8 successor could return before the end of the decade, according to reports from the Japanese press.  Holiday Aut...

Mazda Bringing New Sports Car To Tokyo Motor Show

Today Mazda has announced that it will display a new sports car concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda: Rotary Engine In Production Car 'Not On', RX-7 Goes With It

Speaking today to TMR at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Mazda Managing Executive Officer, Masahiro Moro, confirmed news which enthusiasts have bee...

Mazda RX-7 Could Return Sooner Than 2017: Report

When Mazda sports car chief Nobuhiro Yamamoto revealed to TMR late last year that the RX-7 will return in 2017, we were understandably excited.

Last Renesis Rotary Leaves Hiroshima

If you felt a disturbance in the force last Friday, it was because an automotive era had come to an end - Mazda's Renesis rotary engine is n...

Mazda Says Yes To SkyActiv Rotary, No To V6: Report

Mazda reportedly remains committed to a rotary revival in the future, but has no plans for a six-cylinder engine employing its new SkyActiv tech...

Mazda's Rotary Cleaning Up For A Possible Return

Rotorheads will remember the the surprise and delight the first time they stepped into a Mazda that made that distinctive gurp-gurp-gurp noise; ...

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