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Mazda CX-4 Revealed At Beijing, Australian Release Not Yet On The Cards

TUE, 26 APR, 2016

The segment-blending Mazda CX-4 SUV-hatch-coupe has made its debut at the Beijing auto show, with the CX-5 sized crossover showing off its shapely ...

Mazda CX-4 Or CX-6 Exposed Again In China

WED, 27 JAN, 2016

More images of Mazda’s coming CX-4 (or CX-6, the name is still to be revealed) ‘SUV coupe’ have surfaced, this time outside ...

Mazda Koeru Makes The Move To Production With CX-4/CX-6

TUE, 19 JAN, 2016

When the covers came off the Mazda Koeru concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015, Mazda proudly proclaimed that the slant-back SUV offered...

Mazda Koeru-Based SUV Waiting In The Wings, But Future Not Yet Locked In

MON, 23 NOV, 2015

Mazda’s sleek Koeru Concept sparked speculation that Mazda was planning to add another SUV to its stable when it was revealed at Frankfurt ea...

Mazda Koeru Small Crossover Concept Revealed At Frankfurt

TUE, 15 SEP, 2015

Mazda has released the first images of its Koeru Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show today, revealing a fast-backed SUV with the silhouette of...

Mazda Koeru Concept SUV To Debut At Frankfurt

FRI, 7 AUG, 2015

Mazda will whip the covers off its low-slung, sporty Koeru Concept at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show, with a single teaser sketch released t...



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