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Porsche taking London Mayors petrol-guzzler tax to court

WED, 12 MAR, 2008

Porsche vs the Mayor of London continued... Porsche as expected have confirmed that they are filing a request for the judicial review of Mayor Ken...

Porsche vs London Mayor Part 3

FRI, 22 FEB, 2008

When it comes to cars in Australia, we put up with the short-sited revenue raising decisions of our politicians and there is narry a whisper from us.

Londons Mayor returns fire in petrol-guzzler tax war

THU, 21 FEB, 2008

Yesterday we reported on the $AUD46 fee that London Mayor Ken Livingstone intends slapping on drivers of ‘petrol guzzlers’ that enter London city.

London Mayor to tax fuel-guzzlers - Porsche not happy

WED, 20 FEB, 2008

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has decreed that a daily tax equivalent to around $AUD46 will be levied against all fuel-guzzling vehicles en...