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Bertone Mantide May Enter Limited Production, Cost AU$2.7m

MON, 4 MAY, 2009

We've marvelled at the astonishing bodywork of the Jason Castriota-designed Bertone Mantide supercar, but up until now we haven't yet had an inkli...

Bertone Mantide Unveiled: Video

MON, 20 APR, 2009

We've been keeping close tabs on Bertone's  ZR-1-based Mantide supercar, and our vigilance has finally paid off.

Bertone's Project M Has A Name: Mantide Supercar Headed To Shanghai

WED, 15 APR, 2009

We know it's based on a Corvette ZR-1, we know it's got more sharp edges than a combine harvester and now we know its name. Bertone's latest proje...




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