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NRMA Study Finds Sydney 'Rat-run Short-cuts' Cost Time And Burn Fuel

MON, 14 SEP, 2015

The NRMA has set out to answer an age-old question with a new survey focusing on Sydney’s toll roads.

Caltex Blames Contaminated E10 For Sydney M4 Breakdowns

THU, 25 JUN, 2015

Caltex has blamed excessive water contamination in one of its underground tanks for a bizarre incident that saw around 20 cars grind to a halt in S...

Sydney Average Peak Hour Speeds Fall To A Mind-Numbing 11km/h

THU, 18 DEC, 2014

It would come as no surprise to long-suffering Sydney peak-hour motorists to be beaten to the next intersection by a lumbering torto...

Sydney M4 Motorway Toll-Free From Tomorrow

MON, 15 FEB, 2010

SYDNEY'S M4 MOTORWAY is set to go toll-free tomorrow morning, the last paid trip to take place just before midnight.

Sydney's M4 Motorway: 2000 More Cars Every Hour When Tolls Go Next Year

TUE, 27 OCT, 2009

AROUND 500 MORE cars each hour are expected to travel on Sydney's M4 motorway when the current tolls are removed on February 15.